4 effective home remedies for your earwax problem

Your ear is an extremely sensitive and earwax to a certain extent is actually good for your ears. However, in case there is an excessive amount of ear wax deposit it could lead to several conditions like blockage of ear canal, feeling of fullness in the ear, earache or a ringing sensation, or partial hearing loss.

So you would say then you should remove the excess earwax. But the question is how you should do it? Doctors would tell you any kind of pointed objects like a hairpin, or any type of hearing products like hearing aid, headphone and even Q-tips can be very harmful.

Studies indicate that actually, these push the ear wax further into the ear canal leading to blockage and even loss of hearing in some case.

Essentially ear wax serves as a self-cleaning agent that helps in providing a protective cover for the ear. It is lubricating in nature and has several anti-bacterial properties to maintain the health of your ears. Its absence could lead to dryness in the ear canal and even lead to itchiness.

There are various home remedies that are very effective in removing earwax.

Doing it manually

The body on its own pushes old ear wax and dead skin towards the ear opening. The body mechanism is such that the dry and old wax that is brought to the forefront through your jaw movement falls of as dry flakes. Manual removal of old ear wax is not necessary apart from extreme conditions. Even then, it is very important to do it carefully and in a systematic manner to make sure that you do not harm the eardrum or the ear canal in any manner whatsoever.

Use old damp cloth

One of the easiest and old methods to clean ear wax is through an old damp cloth. Remember how we clean it for infants. Just insert the corner of any damp cloth and simply twist them. But you must be careful as to not push anything into the ear canal.

Use baby oil

You could also look at softening the ear wax using few drops of baby oil or mineral oil and then let the wax fall off on its own.

Irrigation or ear syringing method

If the blockage due to ear wax is too severe, you could also look at adopting the irrigation or ear syringing method. This can be either done at home using a commercial kit, or you could visit a physician to get it done. But you must remember that this procedure should be avoided for anyone with a perforation in the ear drum, tube in the ear drum or ear related skin conditions like eczema.

In this case, manual cleaning by a physician is the only solution. This is normally adopted when all other alternatives would have failed. But if you have diabetes or any weak immune system, this is a strict no.

The presence of some amount of earwax is actually beneficial for the ear as it acts as a filter and keeps dust and dirt at bay. However, when the need to clean it comes up, you should follow the right procedure.